I’m always looking for potential new researchers to work with. Take a look below for information for PhDs, postdocs and undergraduates. Please email me at Jake.Lever@glasgow.ac.uk. I apologise but I likely won’t respond to emails that resemble bulk mailings.

Prospective PhD Students

Want to do a PhD using machine learning to solve some exciting biomedical problems, particularly related to biomedical text? The School of Computing Science has a webpage on the main route into the PhD programme. Please read it to understand the application process.

The School has a number of studentships of which a few are relevant for international students (see below). This page lists most of them out and you apply for many of them in the same process as applying for the PhD programme. These will generally provide a stipend and cover fees.

If you are considering applying, please email me early so we have time to chat about working together and about potential research projects.

Occasionally, I will have PhD opportunities through other mechanisms but do not at the moment.

Prospective International PhD Students

Bringing ideas and experience from around the world to Glasgow is important for doing excellent research. I welcome interest from international students and have tried to summarise some key information about funding below.

I’ve included this section to provide as much clarity as possible about fees and stipends that are specific for international students. Please investigate these details to help you understand your options. The University of Glasgow has substantially different fees for international students versus UK students. Most studentships will cover fees at the UK level (also known as home level) and will not cover the extra cost of international fees.

For highly-skilled students, there are a few options that do cover international fees, including the College Scholarship, the China Scholarship Council for Chinese students and the Excellence Bursary (which covers part of the international fees). I would strongly encourage and support a prospective student to apply for these options.

Based on your home country, there may be additional options available so do please investigate them. One source of information is the University’s main scholarship page.

Prospective Postdocs & Staff

If you’d be interested in a possible postdoctoral position in the future, please do get in contact by email as funding opportunities are always coming up.

University of Glasgow Undergraduates and Masters Students

I really enjoy working with undergraduates and masters students on their degree projects. If you have a particular idea, or just want to discuss potential research directions, please do contact me.